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Eztechron established a china branch at Changchung in China. Changchun Yi Zhi Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2017. Mostly managing TE, MOLEX, SUMITOMO, YAZAKI, DELPHI, KET, KUM, JST and other world-renowned brands of high-tech electronic and electrical components. Mainly response for non-import and the export nature of the harness factory and connector traders related international trade business and marketing development, price path updates, etc., as well as South Korea EZTECHRON to expand Chinese market and peripheral overseas markets as a bridge role. At present, we have reached long-term cooperation agreements with many well-known Chinese enterprises, mainly in the fields of automobiles, home appliances and electronics. For stable supply in the future, Yizhi Electronics set up a warehouse in Qingdao, saving inventory to achieve a stable supply. Combined with the warehouse inventory in South Korea and Qingdao, have alliances with Xian Shu Zhong Guo could handle the urgent demand in the domestic market. Changchun Yizhi is committed to building a good and stable trading bridge for new and old customers in China to achieve win-win cooperation.

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Address : Changchun City Minyoun Financial Plaza A4-718, China
Chinese Address:长春生态大街3777号明宇金融广场A4-718室

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